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We are living in the most exciting time of all history!!! There is a spiritual awakening and refreshing released out of the realm of the supernatural with signs confirming. Sadly, it is happening mostly outside the "church". There is something I read recently, "Religion is someone who has not had an experience with God telling other people who have not had an experience with God about people who had an experience with God." Lord, deliver us from...religion. As we engage Yaweh and begin to experience Him, we will enter hours and days of waiting in His presence. We will experience His heartbeat and know His voice. We will experience one passionate, relentless desire...more...of Him. We will become undone by His glory and love. We will begin to understand that by just being with Him cleanses, refreshes and satisfies!!! That time is here, now, TODAY. Let us all arise, be the church and experience Him in all His love and His glory!!!


Revelation 5:10 says, "You have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth." We must take dominion as we walk into destiny, eternity. God is calling us to a new thing, a new level of authority, a new level of anointing, a new level of boldness, a new level of confidence and a new level of common sense in the glory. Know that we serve a living God, and He is the One who is giving us the power and the authority!!!