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  An increase is coming...already on the way! Eye has not seen nor ears can hear what is coming. We can accept or forsake this increase... If we awaken in and by the Spirit, the fullness of this increase follows! Something profound is on the way, a fullness of Holy Spirit like never before! Read Luke 4:18 (Passion) We find that sin impoverishes...So we preach The Kingdom to the poor. Sin breaks peoples hearts...So we heal the brokenhearted. Sin takes people captive to so many things...So we proclaim liberty to the captives. Sin blinds people and spiritual blindness is like a veil...So we proclaim recovery of sight to the blind. Sin oppresses people...So we set at liberty to those who are oppressed! Luke 4:21 says "Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing"... He fulfilled it. He also said we could do the works that He did, and GREATER! We need to get busy...The all of creation is moaning and groaning for a manifesting...We're it!