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At Christ"s first coming, there was an announcement from the heavenly realm by an archangel(Gabriel) to Mary. There was a sound from heaven to the shepherds in the fields through the angelic realm heralding the birth of a Savior. There was the sound of a cry from the manger as a newborn sacrificial lamb made His presence known. As He prepares to make His second coming a reality, there will be another sound from heaven. There will be a shout from the King of Glory, a voice of the archangel(Gabriel) and with the sound of the trumpet of God!(1Thess.4:16) Surely the mountains will shake, the dead in Christ will rise and enemies will flee! The King is coming! His shout is like the roar of a lion. Yeshua is one and the same a sacrificial lamb and a roaring lion.(Revelation 5:5-6). He who died on the cross as a suffering servant is the same one coming back as a conquering king! In this season of light, let's celebrate the newborn King, His virgin birth, the beauty of who we celebrate