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 While reading in Luke chapter five, I was reminded of the miracle catch of fish Simon Peter experienced when he obeyed Yeshuah to let his nets down for a catch! (verse four) This is a wonderful miracle that many saw and experienced! One of my mentors, Wade Taylor, Had some insight in this scripture that I never saw before! Luke 5:1-3 says out of the Passion Translation: "On one occasion, Jesus was preaching to the crowds on the shores of Lake Galilee. There was a vast multitude of people pushing to get close to Jesus to hear the word of God. He noticed two fishing boats at the water's edge, with the fisherman nearby, rinsing their nets.Jesus climbed into the boat belonging to Simon Peter and asked him, Let me use your boat. Push it off a short distance away from the land so I can speak to the crowds...." the people were pushing and pressing upon Jesus to hear the word of God." Whenever we take a step toward Him, He will respond and begin to draw us closer. There wil