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Nothing but the Blood

 Yeshua never said our lives would be free of trouble, but He promised there would be troubles in this world, He also promised that He had overcome this world. John 16:33 says in The Passion Translation, "And everything I've taught you is so that the peace that is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me. For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!" We need to believe that God sees and hears our prayers and we have something to hold onto! Because of what He did on the cross & our faith in His blood we are able to stand in faith. Now is the time to apply the blood of Jesus in our heart & stand on the Truth. He invites us to stand in faith, take time to know Him, understand the power He has provided for us and invite others into His Kingdom! Release Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Nothing but t


 While reading in Luke chapter five, I was reminded of the miracle catch of fish Simon Peter experienced when he obeyed Yeshuah to let his nets down for a catch! (verse four) This is a wonderful miracle that many saw and experienced! One of my mentors, Wade Taylor, Had some insight in this scripture that I never saw before! Luke 5:1-3 says out of the Passion Translation: "On one occasion, Jesus was preaching to the crowds on the shores of Lake Galilee. There was a vast multitude of people pushing to get close to Jesus to hear the word of God. He noticed two fishing boats at the water's edge, with the fisherman nearby, rinsing their nets.Jesus climbed into the boat belonging to Simon Peter and asked him, Let me use your boat. Push it off a short distance away from the land so I can speak to the crowds...." the people were pushing and pressing upon Jesus to hear the word of God." Whenever we take a step toward Him, He will respond and begin to draw us closer. There wil


 We all need to know God intimately, we need to know who & whose we are! We are kings & priests in the order of Melchizedek. As His sons we can know our authority which comes from intimacy with Him. God wants us to become sons of light on earth! I believe, before we were born again, we were human beings. Adam didn't begin as a human being, He didn't look like us when he was created. The glory, the light that was on him, was on the outside of his body. He didn't have skin or blood as we do. God created him a "living being" when He breathed into him...But when he sinned & fell, he became a human being! Had he not sinned but followed God, he would have become a son of God, a being of light! God wants all of us to be beings of light. He wants us all to manifest as His sons on the earth. We can be transformed, transfigured and we can shine, we can do the things Jesus did and greater things! We can rule & bring restoration back to the earth just as God i


  An increase is coming...already on the way! Eye has not seen nor ears can hear what is coming. We can accept or forsake this increase... If we awaken in and by the Spirit, the fullness of this increase follows! Something profound is on the way, a fullness of Holy Spirit like never before! Read Luke 4:18 (Passion) We find that sin impoverishes...So we preach The Kingdom to the poor. Sin breaks peoples hearts...So we heal the brokenhearted. Sin takes people captive to so many things...So we proclaim liberty to the captives. Sin blinds people and spiritual blindness is like a veil...So we proclaim recovery of sight to the blind. Sin oppresses people...So we set at liberty to those who are oppressed! Luke 4:21 says "Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing"... He fulfilled it. He also said we could do the works that He did, and GREATER! We need to get busy...The all of creation is moaning and groaning for a manifesting...We're it! 


 Reading Isaiah 22:22 The passage begins in verse 20 with "On that day..." which I believe is "the third day"... NOW! When the prophet Isaiah spoke of one who "opens doors that no one can shut and closes doors no one can open" He is speaking of one who has unlimited control. The doors he opens are doors of revelation, treasures, favor, and opportunity! When he closes these doors no amount of human striving can open them! The door He places before us speaks of an entrance INTO the realm of the spirit. It also speaks of coming into His presence and that He is unhindered in becoming active in our midst, to do His purpose! He is teaching us to "come up here" so that WE can easily move into the spirit realm (or) that HE can move into our circumstances...(answered prayer)!!! Rev 3:20 says "Behold, I'm standing at the door, knocking. An invitation to a wedding for the bride to be... May we become quiet long enough to hear the knock upon the doo


 Luke 17:21 in The Passion Translation reads,  "The kingdom is not discovered in one place or another, for God's kingdom realm is already expanding in some of you."  Translated from the Aramaic text. This scripture implies that God's kingdom realm is a person, Jesus Christ. The reality of God's kingdom appears when Jesus lives in us by faith. The kingdom of God is within us which makes us a HABITATION of God--A place where God lives, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! We are connected to God and a door (gate) of God's glory. The key to understanding this is for each of us to KNOW we are a dwelling place of God here on earth and that the door (gate) of heaven stands open for us to access the heavenly realms! We can experience those places and bring the authority contained there back here! Then it becomes "on earth as it is in heaven." We have to manifest the kingdom of God...Just as Jesus did! Let us all begin to manifest the Kingdom, now!


 In this new season 2024 we will begin to experience miracles, peace, joy, prosperity and encounters with Yahweh that WILL bring breakthrough! The glory accompanying this breakthrough will bring change so that nothing remains as it was! A new day has dawned full of increase and breakthrough!!! Isaiah 60:1 says in the Passion Translation "Rise up in splendor and be radiant, for your light has dawned, and Yahweh's glory NOW streams from you!" 2024 is a leap year, so now lets leap into this breakthrough and renew our covenant with Him, learning from our past missteps and mistakes, aligning with the Living Word and step into a new joy and freedom! Read 1Chronicles 14:11(NKJ) "So they went up to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there. Then David said 'God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water.' therefore they called the name of that place Baal Perazim." Place of breakthrough...Also read 1Chronicles 15:13...