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 We have been APPREHENDED by the Lord. He looks at us the same as the ones who received the talents, to see how they would respond. He is looking at us to see how we respond! The world looks for natural talents and abilities, but the Lord's view looks to our supernatural abilities and our desire to know Him! We need to seek the the purpose that Yeshua had in mind when he "apprehended" us. Moreover, we need to get over our past, our defeats and victories, and reach forward to what is ahead, the most exciting time of history! To see with our own eyes what He apprehended for us ...citizenship in heaven, transformed and transfigured forever with Him!  We have within us the desire to be "apprehended" for the purpose He has for us when He touched our spirit. We have to believe this and begin to earnestly seek the results for which we ARE "apprehended"! Then in that day we will hear, "well done my good and faithful servant"! "Brethren, I do not