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 While reading Proverbs 23 and came to verse 23,  "Embrace the truth and hold it close..."I discovered that the word "truth" has several meanings in Hebrew. Truth means literally "give birth to truth" or "possess the truth" Truth is also used for God as the Creator! Jesus is the the Way, the TRUTH and the Life! I learned this from Wade Taylor's teachings, "truth is always costly and the result may not be seen, but to choose less, in the long run is much more costly." Jesus could only say "I am the truth." because He put the will of His Father ahead of His own comfort and satisfaction. There is no easy formula to success, because there is always a price! When we choose the purpose of the Lord, we are "embracing the Truth"... In doing this we are paying the price! Many are called, but few are willing to pay the price to embrace the truth... May we ALL be willing!!!!!!!