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 We all need to know God intimately, we need to know who & whose we are! We are kings & priests in the order of Melchizedek. As His sons we can know our authority which comes from intimacy with Him. God wants us to become sons of light on earth! I believe, before we were born again, we were human beings. Adam didn't begin as a human being, He didn't look like us when he was created. The glory, the light that was on him, was on the outside of his body. He didn't have skin or blood as we do. God created him a "living being" when He breathed into him...But when he sinned & fell, he became a human being! Had he not sinned but followed God, he would have become a son of God, a being of light! God wants all of us to be beings of light. He wants us all to manifest as His sons on the earth. We can be transformed, transfigured and we can shine, we can do the things Jesus did and greater things! We can rule & bring restoration back to the earth just as God i